Two questions before contacting your financial advisor

Before consulting services offered by a financial advisor, it is worth asking two important questions. What type of investor are you? How you invest your money depends on a number of factors: your age, financial objective, desired return, investment horizon, risk profile, financial experience (both yours and the company you choose!), net worth (tangible and […]

Fears and frustrations when investing

Some of the most frequent fears and concerns of clients when investing are the following: Loss of money; Poor management of investment portfolio; Failure to achieve desired cash flow objectives and performance; Volatility; Lack of protection and segregation; Disorganization. On the other hand, the most common inconveniences and frustrations of clients is the inability of […]

Eight Reflections of a Financial Advisor in Panama

Being part of the management team of a financial services advisory firm is accompanied by responsibilities and considerations that are indispensable for its success. 1- A critical factor for that success is the protection of client assets via well-defined plan objectives, providing an excellent service that allows the quantity and quality of relationships to grow. […]

Financial glossary of SweetWater Securities

Knowing and understanding the following financial terms will help you entertain a more effective communication with your financial advisor. Financial planning: It is a process by which the foundations of financial activities are defined and projected, with the objective of minimizing risk and taking advantage of opportunities and resources. Family Office (FO): These are organizations […]

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