Two questions before contacting your financial advisor

Before consulting services offered by a financial advisor, it is worth asking two important questions.

What type of investor are you?

How you invest your money depends on a number of factors: your age, financial objective, desired return, investment horizon, risk profile, financial experience (both yours and the company you choose!), net worth (tangible and intangible assets and liabilities), desired diversification of those assets and liabilities, liquidity, cash flow needs… These are only the most important.

Understanding your investor type and risk profile can help you determine what type of investment approach is most appropriate, so that you can create a plan that reflects the standard of living and financial goals you desire.

How to choose a financial advisor?

A financial advisor can help you design and execute an investment plan to be monitored continuously, rebalancing when necessary to achieve plan objectives.

A respectable financial advisor will keep you informed of the evolution of your portfolio, provide reliable information for important decision making, to empower you with greater control and organization of your investments.  He/she must be certified, educated, honest, dedicated, have high ethical values, and extensive knowledge of portfolio construction, investment management, and capital markets in general.

Take some time to answer these questions. With them answered, your first meeting with your financial advisor will be a positive one that will help you start your professional relationship on the right foot.

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