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Investment Vehicles

For a greater protection of your financial assets, we offer various legal structures to open your investment account.

Anonymus Corporations

Legal structure created under the Laws of the Republic of Panama. The client may open an investment account under the name of his corporation, which will not be titled directly to his name, maintaining anonymity and increasing the protection of his financial assets.

Private Interest Foundations

The Private Interest Foundations in Panama are governed by Law 25 of June 12, 1995. These constitute a simple, safe and confidential way of managing and disposing of a specific economic legacy, segregating it completely from the wealth of its founder and thus avoiding a probate proceeding.


It is a contract by virtue of which one or more people (trustor/s or grantor/s) transfer goods, money or rights, present or future, of their property, to another person (trustee) for this latter one to manage or invest the assets in their own benefit or in benefit of a third party, and then have it transferred, upon completion of a term or condition, to the trustor or to the beneficial owner of the trust property, also called the beneficiary.