Products y Services

Corporate Finance

Along with our financial advice, we offer underwriting and issuance services of public and private offerings for companies who wish to raise capital or obtain financing through the securities market.

Underwriting and Issuance

With an associated seat in the Panama Stock Exchange, and as a participant in Central Latinoamericana de Valores, SweetWater Securities provides their clients access to a variety of services under Panamanian jurisdiction, such as the underwriting and issuance of public and private offerings.

Our commitment is to provide companies with advice on efficient management of revenues and expenses to obtain the highest return on equity or economic benefit. For this purpose, we provide counseling and profitable corporate solutions in underwriting and issuance of fixed and variable securities in the local market under Panamanian jurisdiction.

Based on client and company needs, we recommend adequate financial capital raising based on market needs for securities issuance to be successful. Our team registers all security issuance with our local regulators, stock exchange, and custodian.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise clients in corporate mergers and acquisitions by implementing a historical and projected financial analysis of the company, developing extensive market research and creating a SWOT matrix including the internal and external situations of the company in order to determine an absolute and relative assessment of the company.