About Sweetwater Securities

Our Business

We offer personalized and objective asset management services based on confidence and our successful experience in the local and international markets, aimed to accomplish our clients’ financial goals.

We possess the adequate knowledge and tools to define and prioritize the objectives that are most important to our clients, placing them within a framework of personalized financial strategies tailored to each one.

Adequate asset allocation and selection, accompanied with a continuous monitoring of the investment portfolios allows us to preserve client portfolio returns according to their risk/return profile, all structured on committed ethical and moral standards.

Deep understanding of how capital markets function and an ample comprehension of the technical analysis of economic and business cycles are essential to maximize the return on the investment of our clients.

Our investment professionals will help you navigate through the different financial cycles in an appropriate manner, understanding the historical outlook of the market in its current time. Only this way can we achieve a balance between the safety required by clients and their financial objectives.