About SweetWater Securities

Our Founder

Arturo Tapia

The history of SweetWater Securities Inc. is backed by the professional career of Mr. Arturo Tapia Velarde, a pioneer in the capital market of the Republic of Panama.

He founded the first Panamanian brokerage firm in 1987, Wall Street Securities S.A., which became the leading investment bank in the country during the 1990´s decade and up to 2004, year in which it was acquired by Banco Continental, today Banco General, while maintaining $160MM in assets, $30MM in capital, $13MM in revenues, and $6MM in net profit.

After ten years as a trader in Bank of America, he launches Wall Street Securities with a disciplined and robust treasury team. In 1990, he ventures into corporate finance, assisting individuals and corporations in raising financial capital by underwriting and issuing securities in the Panama Stock Exchange.

In 1995, he introduces the first mutual fund in Panama, dedicated to investing in local equities and fixed income bonds, the Panama Balanced Fund, which was followed in 1999 by the Panama Fixed Income Fund (corporate and local government bonds), Blue Chip Equity Fund (US large cap) and the High Yield Fund (Latin-American sovereign bonds).

He develops the first mortgage securities market in Panama by incorporating Wall Street Compañía Hipotecaria in 1997, a company dedicated to grant residential mortgage loans, securitize, underwrite, and issue those loans in the Panama Stock Exchange as mortgage backed securities that were sold to investors in the local market.

He remained at the head of the company’s continuous growth, creating a general license bank and managing over $600 million in financial assets with offices in Colombia, Venezuela and the United States.

Wall Street Securities was the first company in Panama focused on developing the country’s capital market, educating investors, and contributing to the development of a securities market based on transparency and ethics, planting the first seeds for a binding continuity.


June 2010 SweetWater Securities Inc. is founded to operate as a securities brokerage firm in the Republic of Panama.
July 2011 The Securities Brokerage Firm license is granted by the Superintendence of the Securities Market of the Republic of Panama. Financial consulting and wealth management services begin for a select clientele.
September 2011 A Correspondence Agreement is signed with Pershing, Bank of New York as Introducing International Broker Dealer. Asset management services begin through international brokerage accounts.
2012 Client portfolio growth. Distribution agreement is signed with world-renowned mutual fund firms and financial counterparties for execution and information.
2013 With the objective of servicing its vast client portfolio, the brokerage platform is expanded and new consultants are hired by the company.
2014 Regional consultants are incorporated, which increases the company’s coverage to meet the needs of other markets.
June 2014 Operations in the local market begin as a custody participant of Central Latinoamericana de Valores (Latinclear) as well as in the Panama Stock Exchange.
January 2015 The company has a team of 25 qualified executives, among them investment professionals, financial advisors, consultants, specialists, and analysts of local and international markets, who service hundreds of clients and responsible for the fiduciary management of over $200MM in financial assets, with the aim of expanding its operations in the region.

From the beginning of SWS…

We built our identity by identifying new opportunistic markets and optimal products that would be attractive to family and corporate clients.

The tactical use of state of the art technology supports us in order to offer products and services that best serve the investment needs of our clients.

Our added value is founded upon our vast experience in the capital market and in the personalized attention of our select client portfolio.